The Bishop of London's Paddington Estate, 1742


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A greatly reduced copy of the Bishop of London's Estate Map.

The original hangs in the offices of the Church Commissioners, in Millbank. A larger version, with the accompanying 'terrier' (the list of fields in each farm on the estate), is printed in 'The Growth of St Marylebone and Paddington'. There the terrier has been used to trace the ten original farms, and they have been laid out on the map like the pieces of a jigsaw. Hence the reference later to 'The Parsonage Farm'.

Estate maps have always been working documents, and this one, drawn fifty nine years before the Paddington Canal reached Paddington, has had the proposed path of the Canal drawn on it. There is no trace of the Regent's Canal, so it must have been added before about 1912, when this Regent's canal branch was planned. The Canal Basin is shown with the extension towards the north, which Mr Praed planned. This was never built, but a similar one will be built when Trafalgar House redevelop the Basin.

(In fact Trafalgar House did not develop the Basin, another developer did, but that is a different question).


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