Stoke Newington Church Street as a Conservation Area

Stoke Newington Church Street is now in a Conservation Area. The map shows that Clissold Park and both churches were already in a Conservation Area but the new Area meant an important change of status for Church Street. Grants became available for the restoration of the old buildings. These not only encouraged owners, but imposed good architectural manners on them and the public became very interested in the appearance and quality of the area. It is pleasant to see how the old street gradually regained some of its lost dignity. It was very run down in the eighties.

This improvement was not achieved by a sudden, dramatic sweep but by a series of small, careful measures. Preserving, repairing and cleaning the buildings; using suitable materials; keeping to the existing roof heights and windows; removing recent additions which obscured the buildings; developing a shop‑fronts policy and design guide; redecorating in suitable colours; were all important.

At the same time there have been other changes. Local house prices rose dramatically, altering the population. People shop weekly instead of daily, and far away, so some of the small local shops have gone. There has been a huge increase in the number of restaurants and boutiques have appeared, and often disappeared. The nature if the street has altered but the buildings remain. One can see elaborate door-cases that Defoe watched being fitted; window and roof details which are to be found in eighteenth century pattern books; and unchanged roof lines.

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The Leaf Border

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Updated: October 25, 2011