The Bishop of London's Paddington Estate, 1742

Stretching from Hyde Park to Kilburn Bridge.

To the west of Edgware Road, from the Bayswater Road to Kilburn, lay the Bishop of London's Paddington Estate. The Estate Map of 1742 now hangs in the Church Commissioner's Offices in Millbank, London. It is a large hand-drawn Map and Terrier with the fields named and their sizes recorded in acres, roods, and square poles.

(A terrier, from the French 'terre', the earth, is a list of land holdings). This estate was one of many held by the Bishop of London and illustrates how much land was owned by the Church. At one time the church owned about one third of the land in England.

The Estate Map in detail

This was a working Estate Map. The Canal position would have been added just before 1800, when the canal was being planned. It was brought in along the 100 foot contour; it could not move up and down a slope or it would have emptied. This explains why its course wanders about on the map and also why the Basin is at an angle to the canal. The fields just happened to be shaped that way.

The map is very large so that the words are often difficult to read on this reduction, so a typed copy has been added on later pages. The map too has been simplified, and some lettering enlarged. Because of the reduction, the hedge trees, very attractive in the original, have almost disappeared.

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1 Arce is:-
  • 4,840 square yards
  • 160 perches. A perch is equal to a square rod (1 square rod is 0.00625 acre)
  • 10 square chains
  • 4 roods

A Pole is the length of a whip needed to drive a yoke of oxen


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