Land Use When London Was Fed by Cart

The Milne Land Utilisation Map, 1800.

The Milne map shows that by 1800 London had expanded to the west as far as the Edgware Road and to the north to the New Road, but had not yet had to venture further. Development of Marylebone Park Farm, which was Crown property and was later to became Regent's Park, was being held up until 1811 when the leases would fall in, but plans were in the air. Tyburnia, now called Bayswater, would have still longer to wait.

Milne was concerned to map the economic use of the land. His field sizes and shapes were more accurate than John Rocque's, who was more interested in road patterns. Milne denoted the use of each field by a colour and a small letter, e.g. a - Arable, g - Market garden ground, etc. By a combination of colours, letters and shadings, he was able to denote seventeen different land uses and introduced an approach to mapping which has been widely imitated since.

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a. Arable yellow m.Meadow and Pasture green
c.a.f. Common Arable Field pink ma. Marshland yellow-green
c.m.f. Common Meadow Field green n. Nursery land buff
c.g.f. Common Market garden Field pale blue o. Orchard and also Osiers deep green
g. Market Garden Ground blue p. Paddock or Little park pink
h. Hop Ground yellow green w. Wood deep green

Only the colours shown above are used in this piece of the map

There were different forms of stippling for fields and houses as well.


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