Housing People in Decent Conditions:

A sequence of articles on different aspects of Housing including examples drawn from Stoke Newington

  1. Early housing Conditions and Southwood Smith. An experiment in building clean flats and saving lives.
  2. The fashion for encouraging healthy housing at model factories and as attractive model dwellings as additions to wealthy estates.
  3. Octavia Hill and Ruskin, The 5% Philanthropic Housing Movement, Peabody Society, etc. discussed in connection with Gibson Gardens, an 1881 Philanthropic Housing development in Stoke Newington.
  4. 1900 The Right of Councils to build to let, with the aid of 60 year loans at low interest. The new London County Council flats in Central London. There were none in Stoke Newington at this time.
  5. 1917, as a reaction to he political unrest on the Clyde, the promise of ‘Homes For Heroes'.
  6. Slum Clearance in the 1930s
  7. The London County Council Bomb Damage Maps, 1939-45
  8. Example of Bomb Damage - Flying Bomb Damage in Albion Triangle
  9. 1945 Rebuilding after World War II
  10. Tower Blocks
  11. 1985 Refurbishing 1935 Slum Clearance buildings after 50 years
    ++ Extra bit
  12. The Squatters Movement
  13. Mrs Thatcher and the statement that, ‘There is no such thing as Society'.
  14. Lady Porter and Gerrymandering in Westminster
  15. Housing Trusts.


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