Lot 13: Thistleton House

From the Auction Sale Document 1891

Thistleton House stood at the end of Clissold Road. All I know about it at this period was that there had been a blacksmith’s forge on the site at some time, the 1891 Sale details and plan.

When Clissold Road was built the large houses stretched right down the road, including part of Thistleton House garden. A curious triangular house was built, leaving only a narrow pathway so that Thistleton House could reach its large garden. This stretched up behind the Clissold Road houses for no less than four blocks. It was a very large garden indeed and completely secluded. Because of this curious shape the first eight Clissold Road houses had to have curiously curved gardens as well.

1914 Ordnance Survey

By 1914 Thistleton House had been demolished. The triangular house, which appears to have been one building, had taken over the whole front garden, the narrow passageway and the rear garden. The strange thing is that the triangular house, which was built before 1868, was not included in the 1891 sale description. It describes only the old house, stabling and the garden (see below). The new house must have been owned by somebody else for all those years.


Photograph of the 1891 Sale Document


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