A Call for Silver Surfers

Building the Local History of a particular School Site.

Each of these housing phases is discussed in the website. Any school can build the history of its own site and store it for ever, by using this website and the mass of material in local history archives and available on the web. However it takes time. No TEACHER HAS TIME TO DO THE WORK, but it is an ideal hobby for parents, grandparents and even great-grand parents who have the important computer skills and leisure. It can become an addictive interest.

In the same way,students, both at Schools of Architecture and elsewhere, could each be asked to make a history of a particular school site. This would bring the students into contact with maps and documents which they might not otherwise come across and provide starting histories which the school could expand and perhaps incorporate into the curriculum.

These histories could help everyone in the school to look at their immediate environment with new eyes.

The sorts of housing you may find in your area.

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