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The website draws on a vast number of sources. Some of this material may still be in copyright. Some of my sources own the copyrights of some material of their material but not all. Some material may be out of copyright: some is not. It is complicated. Wherever possible the copyright situation has been noted. In others it is simply not known. If I have unwittingly infringed a copyright and this is pointed out to me, I will apologise and acknowledge the copyright as quickly as possible.


The pieces of my maps come in general from the following sources

London Topographical Society reproductions.

  • 1741 John Rocque's Environs of London Map
  • 1800 Thomas Milne's Land Use Map of London & Environs
  • 1847 and 1856 Map of the Geology and Contours of London and its Environs
  • 1889 Charles Booth's Descriptive Map of London Poverty

London Topographical Society maps are copyright allow the originals are long out of copyright. However the Society is happy to allow schools to copy and use small pieces of their maps for educational purposes without charge. For LTS maps please write to

Simon Morris MA
22 Brooksby Street
London N1 1HA

London School of Economics

The source of my copies of the Charles Booth's Poverty Map is the London Topographical Reproduction plus one sheet from London School of Economics. However, all the maps, supporting documents and compilers' reports, are available free on a brilliant website. This additional material, which includes conversations with local policmen, clegymen and school board officers is full of lively material about the different small patches of London and bring history to life.

Ordnance Survey Maps

These maps are copyright for fifty years so the public is forbidden to reproduce any OS maps or pieces of maps published less than fifty years ago. However Schools will have permission to reprint pieces of these copyright maps for educational purposes and so could add their own local pieces to what I am allowed to put on the web.

Hackney Archives

  • 1743 Lady Abney's Map of her estate in Stoke Newington
  • 1810 Sale map of the Darlington Estate in Stoke Newington
  • 1814 The Prebendal Map of Stoke Newington
  • 1846 Parish Map of St Mary Stoke Newington

Pieces of these maps and many photographs are reprinted by courtesy of Hackney Archive. Some are in copyright and some are not. Where possible these have been given their reference number and the copyright status.

Any queries about reprinting the originals in photographic quality must be made to the Archive (020 7241 2886).

The Cubitt purchases at the 1821 sale and the drawing of the 1871 Cubit holdings in Albion Road come from Thomas Cubitt: Master Builder, by Hermione Hobhouse, by permission of the author.

Alan Godfrey Maps

Phone (01207 58338) and from Hackney Archive

This splendid series of half-scale folding maps has been the mainstay of Local Studies for years. They are convenient, cheap and available overnight by phone or at archives. I have no doubt that Alan Godfrey will be happy to allow schools to use any pieces of his maps for educational purposes but it would be polite to let him know what you are doing.

London Metropolitan Archives

The L. C. C. Bomb Damage Maps of London 1939-45

These maps are copyright. Commercial reproduction is prohibited without prior permission from London Metropolitan Archives.

However, LMA kindly say:-

‘we are happy for the bomb damage maps for the Stoke Newington area to be used in the CD and on line versions of your book ‘The Growth of Stoke Newington' to be used by schools for non-commercial educational purposes. We are also happy for schools to make further copies from the CD, again providing that they are for educational uses only.'

This is not an open permission for other areas of London, so schools and researchers outside Stoke Newington will need to approach London Metropolitan Archives themselves about using the maps.


I am very grateful to Derek Baker for allowing me to reproduce some of his collection of photographs and for his help in generall.

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