How Teachers could use the web site
to create their own version
for their school and their class

From these texts in the web site teachers will be able to write short pieces at a level suitable for a particular class. I once came across a class with clipboards, standing outside a house in Queen Elizabeth's Walk which I had drawn. In the Growth Of Stoke Newington book I had written quite a long piece describing the house and the fact that someone in Australia had written to me saying that one of his forebears had lived in the house about 1860, when it was still surrounded by nursery gardens. Instead of all this, each child had a piece of A4 with my drawing photocopied in the centre and nothing else. These were 11 year olds with IQs of between 70 and 80. One had still not learnt to tie his shoe laces. They were writing words like brick, wall, roof, gutter, etc. and drawing arrows to these features in the drawing. The class may have been told the story about Australia: they were quite incapable of having read it. This was imaginative teaching.