This is Mr Walker's Preface to his original 1874 edition


In these pages the writer seeks to set forth the newly discovered physical history of a most interesting area of the environs of London.

The small tract of ground which is here described contains within itself a singularly rich collection of the tangible relics of Glacial England. It is the object of this little work to extend to a wider circle of the public the knowledge and pleasure which a sight and an understanding of these relics convey.

The subject may be entered upon by any one who feels an interest in the natural history and origin of the landscapes around us. The Glacial Period, as it is called, is one of the phases or series of phases of physical geography of which our country bas been the scene, and it is in this simple character that the subject is treated here.

Such success as may reward this effort to popularise the subject will be largely due to the generous co-operation of Searles V. Wood, Jun., Esq., a gentleman whose knowledge of the Glacial deposits of the East and South-east of England is unparalleled. The pictorial aids which Mr. Wood has been pleased to place at the author's disposal will succeed where words would necessarily fail.

May this little work prove useful to those who, in increasing numbers, year by year, find recreation and culture in the study of Nature in the field, more especially in the environs of London .


London , November 29th, 1878.


Note. - In the description of the processes by which the Glacial clay was accumulated, the author adopts the view first promulgated by Mr. Archibald Giekie (Tran. of the Geol, Soo. of Glasgow, vol. B. part 2), which he considers is well illustrated at Muswell Hill and Finchley.

Those who would pursue the general subject beyond the limits off these pages, are recommended to the following papers by Searles V. Wood, Jun., Esq.


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