The Growth of Stoke Newington

About the Book
Population Change Charts
Early London Maps
The Geology of the London Basin
Geology of the London Basin Map
The Geology of Stoke Newington
Hackney Brook
3D Computer Drawn Base Map
A 4D Geological Map
3D Local Features
A Block Map of the Lea Valley
The Paleolithic Hackney Brook
Sand-pit sections
Sites of finds on Stoke Newington Common
Local Archaeological Finds
The Geology of Stoke Newington
Roman and Mediaeval Maps
The Village of Stroke Newington
Sisters' Place AD 1714 Stoke Newington Church St
A Sheet of Forgework Details
Make Cut-Out 'M' Roof
The Lost Church Row
The 1734 and 1814 maps
1734 Map of the Manor
1814 Map of the Manor
The New River
The New River Company and the Roads
John Rocque 1741 Environs of London Map
John Rocque 1745 Environs of London Map
Milne 1800 (Trigonometrical Survey 1795-1799)
1800 Milne's Map of Land Usage
Clissold House
1810 Turnpikes
Stoke Newington 1821
Thomas Cubitt, Builder
The 1828 Cruchley map
Paradise Row
1846 Parish of St Mary, Stoke Newington
Fairview, No. 14 Queen Elizabeth's Walk
1846 Parish of St Mary, Stoke Newington
1855 Parish of St Mary, Stoke Newington
Nos 207-223 Stoke Newington Church Street
Stoke Newington Lecture
The Real Reason for the Influx of People into Stoke Newington in the 1860's
1858 Post Office London Directory
Major Constructions in London - 1860-1880
1863 Ordnance Survey
1870 Ordnance Survey Map
The Stanford Map of 1877
Queen Elizabeth's Walk; Even numbers from 92
Queen Elizabeth's Walk; North Side
1894-96 Ordnance Survey
The 1894-96 Ordnance Survey Map
The Waterman's House, Lordship Road
The 1913 London County Council Map
Title Required
The 1930 London County Council Map
1936 Ordnance Survey map Large Scale
The Old Woodberry Down Houses
War Damage
The War Damage Map
1949 Ordnance Survey
1949 Ordnance Survey
Oakend House
Oakend House Plan
Woodberry Down: A Cut-away Drawing
Tower Blocks
1934-1984: Fifty Years of Change
Reconditioning 1934 Flats in 1984
Architectural Details
Geometrical Details
Cast Iron
The Leaf Border
Stoke Newington Church Street as a Conservation Area
Sketches and Photographs
A Victorian Villa
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Updated: March 31, 2021