A Block Map of the Lea Valley

This 3D map is easy to make, especially if the contour map with spacing lines is supplied.


  1. Draw the contour map clearly to a small scale.
  2. Tilt at 45°. Draw lines parallel to the bottom edges and number as shown.
  3. Trace the bottom lines of the map ab, be. Move them down to the 40m lines.
  4. Draw the 40m contour
  5. Move lines ab, bc up to the 35m lines and draw the 35m contour. Do not go behind the 40m contour.
  6. Continue to move the tracing paper up and draw the contours in turn.
  7. When all the contours have been drawn, join the ends of the contour lines smoothly to give the irregular outline.  Complete the block and shade the vertical sides.
  8. Number the contours to read from low to high.
These drawings can be used as the basis for solid models in plywood, plaster etc.






Contour Map with height lines for tracing. The map can be viewed from any corner.

Produced by repeated reduction on a photo-copier.
(Move your mouse over the block map to switch to the contour map used to create it.)
3D Local Features

The Paleolithic Hackney Brook

Updated: October 5, 2011