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The Stoke Newington Forgers

Flint tools became so popular that forgers in Stoke Newington flourished. Implements were made, stained and 'dug up'. Some are still in museums with their 'find sites'. Worthington Smith knew of this practice, made some of the forgers confess, and prevailed on them to make a tool in front of him.

One man held the flint in two hands on an anvil, while the second split off flakes with a hammer and punch. Then the flakes were chipped to shape with a shoemaker's awl or a stumpy bradawl or gimlet. The Palaeolithic methods would have been similar but using stone anvils, punches and hammers. All of these have been found nearby.

Presumably the forgers could claim that their flint tools were struck on the site, even if 200,000 years too late.

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Updated: March 26, 2021