1858 Post Office London Directory Map

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This map shows planned streets in Clissold Park, the Allerton Road area, and around the Manor House, none of which seem to have been carried out. There was to be a roundabout with arms to Manor Road, Green Lanes, north to the reservoir and south, between the two ponds in Clissold Park, through the Park and down to the end of Church Sreet.

We know that the lessee of Clissold Park wanted to develop the land and build rows of houses. The park was let on a long lease which forbade anyone to break it up. It could be sold in one piece, or not at all. He saw other people around him selling fields in small building lots. He knew that "the richest crop any land could bear was a crop of houses". Nobody was rich enough or rash enough to buy the whole park and hope to develop it as one estate. Despite all efforts, he could not break the lease and the plan fell through.

Local people were incensed at the thought of losing 'their' park, where they had strolled for generations. An immense public campaign raged and, in the end, the park had to be sold in one piece to the L.ondon County Council as a park. We owe Clissold Park public pressure and to the wording of an old lease.

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