1870 Ordnance Survey map

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This series of maps was so expensive to produce that maps of this quality have never been attempted agian. Of course our modern aerial surveys now give even more detail at a fraction of the man hours.

The open space on the right is the northern part of the old Hornsey Removed. It was still open ground in 1870 but the builders were poised for a rapid start.

The triangle in Clissold Road is the site of the modern Stoke Newington School. Clissol School, was built in about 1960, and took the place of several of the old houses. A triangle of Nursery Land and Church Path were left between the houses of Albion Road and Clissold Road. Then, when Clissold School and Woodberry Down Schools werJanuary 1, 2013re incorporated into the new Stoke Newington School grounds.

1863 Ordnance Survey

The Stanford Map of 1877

Updated: October 13, 2011