The 1930 London County Council Map

Again little seems to have changed. The Waterman's Cottage has been added but the Engine Houses between the reservoirs has been left off. The Swimming Baths in Clissold road have been built. The houses are older. A few will have been replaced, but there is little difference from he maps of before the First World' War.

Hanslip Fletcher (1874-1955) was a prolific illustrator of the London scene. He drew on sheets 14"x20"and the Sunday Times reduced them. This one has been reduced yet again and much of the detail will have been lost. Second hand bookshops used to be full of his books of drawings and many can still be found.

Church Row, Stoke Newington.

Owing to the road widening the large Queen Anne house on the right, and the 'Rose and Crown', one of the oldest houses in the district, are to be demolished. Defoe, John Howard (the prison reformer) and Benjamin Disraeli, grandfather of the statesman, lived here.

Hanslip Fletcher The Sunday Times, October 26, 1930
1913 Ordnance Survey

1936 Ordnance Survey map
Large Scale

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