1936 Ordnance Survey map - Large Scale

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The map around Clissold Road seems much the same as before, but Industry has increased. There are two piano factories, a toy factory, a factory making electric batteries, a laundry, a cabinet works, and perhaps others unmarked, all within a few streets. Church Path had some more.

The large block of London County Council flats at the corner of Church Street and Clissold Road have been built. These are typical of the London County Council flats built just before the Second World War. They were built as a result of the public outcry in the 1930s about disgraceful housing conditions for poor people which resulted in the Slum Clearance legislation.

Article on The Slum Clearance Movement in the Nineteen Thirties.

The same type of flat design was repeated immeditely after the Second World War. The ones in Seven Sisters Road, with access balconies, are similiar but were built soon after the War. The nearby flats in Woodberry Down estate were buit slightly later and show the influence of the Festival of Britain.

The 1930 London County Council Map

The Old Woodberry Down Houses

Updated: October 7, 2011