The Old Woodberry Down Houses

The 1936 map shows the site before the school was built. Large houses with gardens leading down to the reservoir were like some houses still left in Seven Sisters Road.

The Mulberry tree in the courtyard of the Woodberry Down Building is much older than the School. It might be possible to find, by careful surveying, which garden it was in before the school was built.

The above was written about 1978 and since then things have changed radically once again. Woodberry Down School merged with Clissold Schchool to form the present Stoke Newington School. Only the old Technical Block, the Girls' Gym and the Raising of the School Leaving Age (ROSLA) block, built about 1968, are left standing. The rest of the site buildings were demolished in favour of housing. The mulberry tree has gone.

Tram lines run along the centres of Seven Sisters Road and Green Lanes. On the corner is the Tramway Depot with a trackway into the building. The trams gave way to a trolley bus system but that too, has disappeared.

The Piccadilly line runs under the road near Manor House.

A typical london tram which ran for years. Trams were replaced by trolleybuses and then they too were abandoned. The old tram depot with its Virginia Creeper, still stands next to the Manor House public house. It has now been converted into housing.


1936 Ordnance Survey map
Large Scale

War Damage

Updated: October 13, 2011