1934-1984: Fifty Years of Change

From the Stoke Newington Borough Guide 1933

"Stoke Newington Borough, Council, in 1933, declared the following areas as (Slum) Clearance Areas under its powers under the 1930 Housing Act.

Masons Court and Place
Rochester Place
White Hart Court
Selsea Place off Crossway
Hewling Street .(once part of Grove House Estate)

Leonard Place in Albert Town
In 1934, Barn Street was added."

From The Borough Guide 1934

"The erection of three blocks of 100 flats to provide rehousing accommodation for persons to be displaced from eight small clearance areas is nearing completion. The site is in Lordship Terrace and in close proximity to Clissold Park. The three houses are to be named "Ormond House", "Lord ship House" and "Clissold House". It is claimed that when the new flats are completed and the houses in the Clearance Orders are demolished, Stoke Newington will be a slumless borough."

These flats were outstanding

"The new estates built by the London County Council in Kennington and Stamford Hill and the Somers Town buildings of the St.Pancras House Improvement Society must be included in the most aesthetically satisfying achievements of our time. At Kennington and Stamford Hill they come as close to perfection in theirtype as anything done in Germany, Holland, or Austria, and they definitely surpass the most expensive block of flats built in the West End of London."

`Housing and Slum Clearance in London',
by Hugh Quigley and Goldie Ismay, Methuen 1934

These include the flats in Lordship Terrace and at the corner of Church Street and Clissold Road, opposite Clissold Park.

Tower Blocks

Reconditioning 1934 Flats in 1984

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