A Victorian Villa


A Typical Victorian
Terraced House.

The drawing shows the elevation of a typical Victorian terrace house with a ground‑floor bay and small porch. This was a preliminary drawing made before reconditioning the house. It could have been worked up from a good photograph and a few measurements. Notice that the win­dows and door are numbered in a simple code. This code would have been used in the rebuilding specification to simplify matters and avoid mistakes.

The brick courses are shown to contrast with the stucco window surrounds, but there was no need to draw the bricks in greater detail. Floor joists are indi­cated as an indication of ceiling heights. There is a cellar for coal but no basement. What is the soil likely to be?

The original roof and bay roof were in slate. Are they likely to be replaced with slates? Do these other roofing materials affect the appearance of the house? If several different mate­rials are used along a terrace the whole effect can be marred. Individual choice can be a menace to good design.

Sketches and Photographs


Updated: February 28, 2012