Building Material Borders

This is a collection of decorative borders about different building materials, architectural styles and other subjects one may come across when looking at the urban scene. The collection is not complete at the moment

  1. Architectural Border

  2. Architectural Details

  3. Bricks and Brickwork

  4. Cast Iron

  5. Geometrical shapes

  6. Leaf

  7. Stone

  8. Building Stone

  9. Wrought Iron

How to Use the Borders

The borders are available in small landscape form, as used in this article. They can also be printed off at A4 size. The A4s can be enlarged to A3s on a photocopier to create attractive wall displays.

Some of the borders have text in the middle describing different aspects of the subject.

Others have no central text and are designed to be used as borders to worksheets. Enlarged to A3, these can be used for displaying pupils' work.

Individual teachers will find a hundred uses for them in their different sizes.