At the same time, Campbell Brown had his eyes on more property in Tetherdown. The two houses shown on the 1913 map by the letter E in Muswell, were Blymhill Villa and Newport Villa. From a sentence in another lease which talks of restrictive covenants to a house built in Tetherdown and the fact that the cottages next door bear the same date, we can assume that the two houses were built in 1876. Kelly's Directory for 1912 shows that Newport Villa was used as a convent for St Martin of Tours nuns, but both villas were sold to Tollington School. In 1913, Newport was demolished, Blythmill became the Headteacher' s house and an extension was built to form a Boarding House for the school. A pupil's drawing of the conversion plans shows the layout.

Tollington School Boarding House and Headmaster's House.



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