The drawings opposite show some of the changes which have come about in a very short period of time. Perhaps the house should have a dish aerial, or cable television as well: they may become standard fittings in a few years' time, just as running water to all floors, gas acid electricity, each in its turn became taken for granted.

When the Fortis Green houses still had traditional earth sanitation, like the cottage in the first illustration, night soil men used to remove the ordure from the cess pits at intervals. It was stored in Dirt House Wood, the old name for Cheerry Tree Woods. Each morning nursery gardeners brought their vegetables and flowers along the Great North Road to sell them in London. At that time The Old White Lion, now so hand­somely rebuilt, was known as The Dirt House because, on their return journey, the market gardeners used to stop there for a drink. Then they collected the night soil from Dirt House Wood opposite and carried it away to manure their fields in the same carts as they carried their vegetables. The dangers of cross infection do not bear thinking about.


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