The original Archway Bridge

When the old Nash 'tunnel' bridge was removed, the modern view from Shepherd's Hill was at last created: a long, straight road through a man-made valley and the bridge floating high above, against the sky. Cutting through the edge of the escarpment had been a massive task, equivalent to breaching the walls of some medieval castle. Step after step of soil had been removed by hand, but when completed and the road surface improved, the road was like a new motorway or a high-speed rail link. Eventually Archway Road helped to open up the countryside to building development: as an immediate result, Muswell Hill Road found itself on the edge of the new by-pass. One could now reach Muswell Hill easily from the new road by way of Muswell Hill Road, or else go on to East Finchley and along Fortis Green.

Binnie's 1897 bridge



Haringey Building Control

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