When Dame Henrietta Barnett, Robert Hunter, and others first planned Hampstead Garden Suburb, she pressed for a mixture of population, working class, professionals and business people living together in an all-class suburb with shops nearby, in houses of different sizes arid rents, but rubbing shoulders as a community. At least one third of the houses were to be for the working class. In the early years a few houses were built with tunnel-backs, small and almost identical with those that the LCC was building at White Hart Lane, Tottenham, at the time. In 1926 she was urging the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust to build working class flats behind the site which later held the Orpheum Cinema in Temple Fortune, but was over-ruled. As a result the vast majority of houses were far too expensive for working people and even the few working class houses were soon sold to middle-class people

Drawings and plan from the Hampstead Garden Suburb Archives



Hampstead Garden Suburb Archive, Big Wood House, Big Wood Road, NW11, Coparts ref: 582

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