The design is very flexible since it can be built economically on uneven ground, with the back levels higher or lower than the front. This saves money and time by reducing excavation. The design also gives space for garages on one side. The space saving and the flexible nature of the design made these flats very attractive.

The section on page 175 shows a six storey block with penthouse and garages. It is rather difficult to illustrate the concept, which is more easily understood in a model, but to simplify matters, the drawing shows the staircases for only three flats. One must imagine a second set of stairs in the opposite direction serving the other three flats, making each staircase into an X shape, with people walking up and down past each other, with a party wall between them. If you do find it difficult you are not alone. Even the contractors found the layout a little difficult to understand: they complained that it was difficult to supervise their men, who always claimed to be in another flat, but they are a very satisfying design for living in. They are comfortable, commodious, and have weathered well.

photograph by Wolf Suschitzky



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