The Oakington Road Estate in the 1881 Census

These maps and comments describe the 1881 Census which was taken a few years after these houses were first occupied.

Enumeration District No.25, 1881

The same site in 1970, showing the
new school built on the bomb site.

Putting your mouse over the map will show part of the London Bomb Damage Map for this area. There is more on the London Bomb Damage Maps later

The 1881 Enumeration District with the list of roads enlarged for clarity

The country was divided into Enumeration  (counting) Districts and each had an Enumerator who was responsible for distributing the census forms and helping the householders to fill them in where necessary. Then he collected the forms and added up the number of households, number in the family, ages, where they were born, etc.

These statistics were collected centrally so that the Local Government and Central Govrnment could plan ahead. From our point of view here, the figures show how many people lived in these houses, their ages and where they came from.

Filling Up The Census


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