A Building Materials Walk– No Experience Required

This is about Building Materials to be found in the neighbourhood.

The this arcticle was written 25 years ago so some of the material examples
taken from building may have been "lost" but most remain.

I drew Parson's House as a geological column of the London area, reaching back more than 213 million years. I found that a dinosaur, Baryonx walkeri, discovered in a clay pit in Thornton Heath in 1983, could have lived on the eighth floor, a mere 124 million years ago. Children in local schools loved this and one little girl lived on the eighth floor next to the dinosaur.
Parson's House, Edgware Road.

Chatelaine's engraving for St James's Church
and Paddington Green


Parson's House was built in the position occupied by the barn with the cat's slide roof (on the right)

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