Slum Clearance Building by Stoke Newington Council

The GLEBE HOUSES ON THE 1848 Tithe map

(Photograph by permission of Hackney Archive)

They were the first houses built on the Glebe Field on lots 666-670. Swift's Cottage was the Labourer's cottage mentioned in the 1851 Census Return. Today the houses are the site of Manston House flats and Swift's Cottage is in the middle of the Swimming Baths

Two of the Glebe Place houses


Building on the site of the Glebe Houses in 1936

Manton House

These 1936 flats were built as part of the Slum Clearance movement of the period. They followed immediately on the building of the Lordship Terrace flats.

The design is different from the Lordship Terrace ones. An arch leads to a private central courtyard with flats all around. The front access balconies give views onto Clissold Park Park. Germany, Austria, Holland, all built blocks like this, built at the same period and there are many other examples all over Britain. The St. Pancras Housing Estate near Euston Station area is very famous.


View from Clissold Road


The flats built on the site of the Glebe houses,
seen from the Park gates.


The Rear Courtyard of Manston house

saved as manston house 2b also in clissold rd walk


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