Future Developments

Over the years the Geological Garden may grow as we obtain examples of other build­ing and geological materials. There are plenty more which could be added but if they are, it must be in a controlled way, fully approved by an architect. It would be a pity to turn this carefully designed space into a car boot sale. Below are a few ways in which the display could expand and a possible way to do it.

Panels of different stones

We have small samples of different stones which could be separated into different types and made up into small paving slabs. A few sample ones have been made.

Pupil's work

A stone slab displaying examples
of different stone types.

These were the earliest and simplest tiles

Later two separate types of
tile were used together.

Later still the two types of tile were combined to form the pantile which now covers the Mediterranean area.
(Gk. pan = joined)

++Picture of pantiled roofs.


Heating a Roman House

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