Cast Iron and Wrought Iron

We would like to display examples of grilles, coal-hole covers, cast iron or wrought iron legs for the granite table, etc. Everything here depends on luck and ferreting.

Timber and Thatch

Ths school has a display of thatching which is exhibited regularly. This, with the large medieval oak beam which will be used as a seat, will give some idea of the nature and 'feel1 of medieval building.

Possible additions on the yellow brick wall.

These include a display bench for slabs of stone made by the pupils; a Roman ragstone-
and-tile wall;a piece of Roman roof tiling; a corner of a Roman hypocaust; a ferro­
concrete pillar with the steel reinforcing rods protruding, but safely below the bench so
that nobody could be spiked by them; and cast iron or wrought iron front legs to the
existing granite table.

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